Young Driver Insurance

For many young drivers, finding affordable insurance cover can be very stressful. With Young Driver insurance from Marmalade, it could not be simpler.

This product is available to drivers between the ages of 17 and 24, who hold a full UK driving license. Your vehicle must be less than 9 years old, with an engine size of no more than 1.4 litres.

Marmalade fit your vehicle with the latest black box technology, which monitors your driving. This allows them to base your premium on YOUR driving, and not the driving of young drivers as a whole, enabling them to offer very competitive prices.

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This works in a similar way to Learner Insurance. It’s for students who are back at the end of term and want to drive mum or dad’s car for a few weeks. They need to be over 18 and have one of those email addresses that end in ‘’ if there at a university or ‘.sch’ if there a boarding school to qualify. It’s a bit pricier than learner because it’s for full UK licence holders driving alone, unsupervised and without a black box, so it tends to work out at about £200pcm (shorter duration’s are available too).

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